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The "Vivai Oliva Cosimo" is a reality that operates in the plant nursery sector with experience and professionalism. Our company is particularly oriented to the care of vegetable plants, from the time of fertilization until complete development, we control all stages of growth. Carefully following all the steps that lead to the finished product, our structure, equipped with the most modern systems of cultivation, produces excellent results both from a qualitative point of view that nutritionalist. Within this internet portal you can learn even more about our work and appreciate the quality. We hope you enjoy your virtual visit is to your liking, waiting to eventually be able to count among our future customers. Good navigation!

Our Organization

The "Vivai Oliva Cosimo" was founded over thirty years ago with the intention to provide a product with high quality standards. The company, over the years, has been able to establish itself as a leader in the sector by extending its reach far beyond its territorial limits. Thanks to dr. Ada Lopatriello, at the helm of the company for the past several years, the Garden Centres provides an excellent service located at the top of the industry.

Our Company

Our company is a recognized leader in the treatment of vegetable plants. To maintain a high level of production we chose to work using the best technology on the market. We have also chosen to use a lot of human resources, organizing the work. And 'indeed it that the "Garden Centres Oliva Cosimo" maintain their high quality standards, adopting technologies to meet the market requires. Our greenhouses are constantly monitored from boilers that will raise the temperature if necessary, we use internal fans to facilitating ventilation, and our staff is attentive to all stages of growth.

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